Let’s Get Acquainted: New Goals for a New School Year

I am excited about this linky! I am a goal-setter… a list- maker… I love to see what I need/ want to accomplish and then being able to check it off or cross it out! As always, I have some lofty goals for myself this year. I think they’re all doable, but I MUST remember to keep perspective in things. I tend to get carried away with school “stuff” and then I have to get grounded and remember that I need to take care of myself and my family… that things will get done as long as I do my best and keep the BIG picture in sight.

What are your goals for the upcoming school year?

What are your goals for the upcoming school year?

That being said, here goes…

The topic for this week is “Goals for the upcoming school year”. My school year feels like it has already begun this month, but it actually starts on Monday. I’m excited and nervous, but I LOVE my school so mostly I’m looking forward to spending each day with the people I work with and for, and seeing all the kids again.


1– Keep Student Achievement in the forefront of my mind! Of course, it’s always present, but I think we often weigh ourselves down with all the “details” that may or may not directly impact our students. I had a lot of fun yesterday at a Data Teams training working with a team to –weed out– programs and activities from our school that were getting in the way of our vision and purpose. Yep, we got to get rid of things!!! Clearing the plate! I am lucky that the people I work with think me worthy of being the lead for second grade and I want to make sure that I continue to have a positive outlook and an efficient process for discussing, refining, and increasing our students’ achievements.

2– Initiate blended learning during my math time. I think I was already doing this to a certain degree, but it needs refinement and more accuracy in order to lead back to goal #1! At our primary school, we do a lot of small group rotation and working with skill-based flexible groups. BUT I don’t want the small groups who are not with me at that moment to being doing something extra or to stay busy. And I certainly don’t want to “grade” everything! UGH. I would like to plan some Flipped lessons through a combination of my own videos, Kahn Academy and other online lessons, and online practice games that match my students’ needs and also to pre-teach or re-teach lessons that I will be working on in my group. There will also be another independent group who is doing some sort of hands-on activity in which they must work together to solve a problem. We’ll see!

3– No more weekend work! Blogging and creating things for my classroom is fun, but I refuse to bring home papers and/ or lesson plans that need to be worked on. I will accomplish those during the week. ‘Nuff said.

Summary– 1. Positive outlook with a purpose in mind, 2. Blended Learning in Math, 3. No more Weekend Warrior.

What do you think? Have you set up goals for yourself this year? Make sure you link them up with Latoya at Flying into First Grade so that other people can read about your awesomeness! Just click on the picture above.


About mrsburrell

I am a second grade teacher in Jasper County. I love being a mother, wife, and friend. My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, hiking, camping, running, and creating. I am always interested in learning new things!
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